About Us

In an age where we live much of our lives online, accountability is important. Where can we turn for dependable information about the products we buy, the services we use, and the companies we pledge loyalty to? Modern Americans face hundreds of cho­­ices every day: which cereal to buy, which car to drive (and which map application to use to get where we’re going), which clothes to wear when we present ourselves to the world. With so many available options, it’s easy to become misinformed.

Of course, we live in an information era, and there are a host of voices to turn to. We can browse through Yelp and find hundreds of reviews concerning a particular restaurant or dentist. We can Google the name of a person or business and peruse posts and links that date back years. The issue therein is who to trust: how do we know that Sally P. on Yelp’s “AWFUL” experience was indicative of the entire eatery’s day-to-day performance? Should we believe that the malicious tumblr account devoted to forming accusations of a certain clothing manufacturer’s alleged employee abuse? The anonymity of the net does lend itself to a wealth of information from countless sources, but it also lacks a checks and balance system.

At Industryreportonline.com, we hope to mitigate the darker aspects of the web with fact-supported, objective analysis of the professionals and businesses that matter to us. Through aggregating information, industryreportonline.com will provide a case-by-case discussion that stands on more solid ground than one furious consumer rant or another one-sided rave.