Healthcare Trust of America, Inc.: A Healthcare REIT

The Affordable Care Act in the United States has greatly impacted the entirety of the healthcare industry. Because of this movement, the healthcare sector is projected to significantly grow in the upcoming years. It is in this change and projected growth that the Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. generates its revenue.

As more and more healthcare professionals take advantage of outpatient services, the business also grows. The company is engaged in the acquiring, owning and operating of medical offices across the United States. The majority of these properties is located in the campuses of nationally recognized systems in metropolitan areas. Currently, they have a total of 12 million square feet of space under their management.

While generating their much needed revenue, the company intends to provide medical practitioners the best and the most efficient buildings possible. Through this goal, they are not just able to provide value to their shareholders, but they also provide top notch facilities to its partners for them to give the best healthcare service.

The Greenbrier Companies: A Transporation Manufacturing Company

Thriving in the marine engineering and railway industries is The Greenbrier Companies, a predominantly American company that got founded in 1919 as the Gunderson Bros. The business is listed as a transportation manufacturing corporation that is engaged in railroad car and barge manufacturing. Other business interests include railroad car leasing, management services and railroad car refurbishment.

The company’s operations are in Canada, Europe, Mexico and in the United States. Its main operating segment is the Gunderson, Inc. which is also based in Oregon, where the company’s headquarters is located. As of 2013, the company employs more than 7,900 people and generates an annualized revenue of more than $1.79 billion. The product portfolio of the business is categorized into three segments: Marine, Rail Vehicles and Leasing/Management.

The Marine products of the company are marketed under the brand name Gunderson Marine LLC. They produce double-hull tank barges, barges for aggregates, railcar/deck barges, conventional deck barges, ocean-going dump barges and several other heavy industrial products. The Rail Vehicles product portfolio has a strong presence in Europe and in North America. These products are sold under the brand names of Greenbrier Europe, Gunderson GIMSA, Gunderson LLC and Gunderson-Concarril. These brand names produce gondola cars, auto racks, intermodal and conventional freight cars, double stack cars, covered hopper cars, tank cars and center partition cars. There are about 224,000 railcars that are part of the fleet of vehicles managed by the Leasing/Management division of the company. These properties are owned mainly by third parties and are managed by Greenbrier Management Services. These third parties are also able to lease any of the 8,600 car fleets that is owned by Greenbrier Leasing Company, LLC.

In 1994, Greenbrier Companies went public on the New York Stock Exchange, where the business continues to trade today under the symbol GBX. The business is a component of the Russell 2000 and 3000 Indices.

Fossil Group, Inc.: Bringing American Vintage Inspiration to the World

Although best known for their vintage watch designs, Fossil Group, Inc. also offers its consumers various accessories and products that are in fashion. Together with its subsidiaries, the company markets their products worldwide.

Fossil Group, Inc. has four business segments: North America Wholesale, Asia Pacific Wholesale, Europe Wholesale and their Direct to Consumer. They provide the world the best quality watches, handbags, jewelry, leather goods, apparel, sunglasses, optical frames and several other consumer goods. These products are marketed under the brand names Fossil, Zodiac, Relic, Michele, Skagen and licensed brands like Diesel, DKNY, Burberry, Armani Exchange, Adidas and Emporio Armani. These products are marketed in department stores, specialty watch and jewelry stores, retail shops, company owned and franchised stores and through their e-commerce sites.

The company has its headquarters located in Richardson, Texas. As of 2013, they own and operate about 123 retail stores within the United States and an additional 214 retail stores internationally.

Globus Medical: Shaping the Future of Orthopedics

Patients that have undergone spinal surgery need the best implants to help hasten the healing of the operation. These musculoskeletal prosthetics must be made of the best materials to prevent any complications and improve the quality of life of those patients who are suffering from any form of spinal disorders.

It is in the designing, developing and commercialization of these implants and related products that Globus Medical, Inc. made its name in the medical device industry. Since its inception in 2003, it has provided the world the technology needed to advance the future of orthopedics. The company draws its inspiration from years of research of surgeons and health care providers, who have been passionate in taking on the challenge of improving the lives of their patients. They have partnered with these specialists to continuously innovate its offerings in the market and to create breakthroughs in the treatment options for spinal disorders.

With their strong relationships with researchers and educators around the world, they are able to further enhance the understanding of everyone with regard to spine care. They have broadened the science and knowledge of these disorders, which strongly impacts the way these patients are able to get back to their normal lives. To date, they have created and released to the market more than 100 products. These products are classified into two categories: Disruptive Technologies and Innovative Fusion. These items are used in interbody, cervical, sacral, thoracolumbar, and corpectomy fusion procedures.

The foundation of the company is grounded on three fundamental pillars which include exceptional response, delivering innovation and advancing patient care. By remaining dedicated to its passion to improve the lives of those suffering from spinal disorders, the company also creates value for its shareholders. Common stocks of the business are traded publicly on the New York Stock Exchange.

ExOne Company: Providing Three Dimensional Printing Solutions

Three dimensional prototypes and production parts are essential elements needed by manufacturers before they create the actual product. These items allow their creators to have a full visualization of what would be the outcome of their finished product.

It is in the business of three dimensional printing that ExOne Company thrives. This publicly held company manufactures and sells their printing products and three dimensional printing machines in three core regions: Asia, the Americas and in Europe. The business is one of the leading sources of Print, Flex, Max and Lab machines that are most useful to architects and engineers in creating their prototypes. ExOne is best known for their ExMicro Orion machine, which allows the usage of both conventional and exotic materials in printing. It serves as the trusted partners to those industrial manufacturers, who are ready to make their transition to the digital age.

The majority of the customers of ExOne are businesses that compete in the industry of oil and gas, heavy equipment, energy, aerospace and automotive sectors.

First Cash Financial Services: Your Emergency Cash Partner

The NASDAQ Global Select Market is considered to have the world’s highest initial listing standards when it comes to liquidity and financial requirements. It is in this exchange that the stocks of First Cash Financial Services are listed. The company is also a component of the Russell 3000 and the S&P SmallCap 600 Indices.

First Cash Financial Services is an international operator of pawnshops and consumer financial services. The company operates in 12 states in the United States and in 24 other states in Mexico. Operations in the US are located in the states of Colorado, District of Columbia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and in Wyoming. The business is there for individuals who are in dire need of cash and have something to use as a collateral for their small scale loans. It operates through its two segments: pawn stores and consumer financial stores. In total, they have more than 980 locations across Mexico and in the United States.

Their pawn stores segment offers short term cash advances, which are secured by personal properties. These items could be electronic gadgets, jewelry, tools and other household items. These items are then later on sold by the company through auctions in the event that the owner is not able to redeem it within the allotted timeframe. Their consumer financial services unit offers cash advances in the form of short term loans, check cashing products and payday loans. These loans are also offered with a variety of interest rates.

Headquartered in Arlington, Texas, First Cash has been around since 1988 and has been a trusted partner for people who are in need of financial assistance. It continues to trade publicly on the NASDAQ, using the symbol FCFS. The growth of the company strongly relies on the acquisition of competing pawn shops in the region where they operate.

Enanta Pharmaceuticals: Finding a Cure for HCV and MRSA

The small molecule drugs that are developed by Enanta Pharmaceuticals are intended to treat infectious diseases. The company is registered as a  research and development biotechnology company that holds its headquarters in Watertown, Massachusetts.

The novel inhibitors and therapeutics that the company is developing are promising medications to combat hepatitis C virus, or the HCV. They have several product candidates that are in various phases of clinical development. Their proprietary products include ABT-450, ABT-493, EDP-239 and NS5A which are used to treat HCV infection. In addition, they are also developing Bicyclolide antibiotic products that are intended to combat methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteria. Their collaboration with companies like AbbVie, Inc., Novartis and BioMedical Research, Inc. hastens the development of their product candidates.

It was in 1995 that Enanta started its operations. The company has received a contract from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) to further their development of their lead product against MRSA.

Entravision Communications: Dominating the Latin Community in US

One of the largest media companies that cater to the Hispanic demographics is Entravision Communications Corporation. The business is headquartered in Santa Monica, California and offers programs that are mostly in Spanish. They also have other programs that are broadcasted in English and these are cast on both their radio and television stations.

The company is noted as the largest affiliate group of the television networks UniMas and Univision. The two are considered to be part of the largest media networks in the country that have a presence in 20 out of the top 50 Latino markets in the nation. Entravision services the community by providing programs that are not just educational, but are also entertaining. They also serve as a trusted partner to advertisers, who intend to penetrate the Latin community with their products and services. Currently, the business operates 58 television stations that are broadcasting up until the borders of Mexico. In addition to these television services, they are also known as the operators of the country’s largest group of Spanish-language radio stations that are comprised of 49 stations.

As a diversified Spanish-language media company, they also provide cross-platform digital content and sales offerings that highlight their leading position in the Latin broadcasting community. It maintains its position in a wide array of markets by providing content that are engaging and creates a loyal following. This is also the company’s means of attracting investors and providing value to their current stakeholders. Entravision continues to trade its common stocks publicly on the New York Stock Exchange. It uses the ticker symbol EVC.

Part of the strategy of the company to continuously grow and dominate the Latino market is to acquire competing businesses. Through the years, it has acquired smaller companies that it has incorporated into their national operations. Entravision’s dominance is strongly felt in the communities that thrive in the states of Florida, Connecticut, California, Colorado, Texas, Washington, D. C., Nevada, New Mexico and in Massachusetts.

Culp Inc.: A Global Manufacturer and Supplier of Upholstered and Mattress Fabrics

Upholstery fabrics and mattress fabrics are the lifeline of Culp, Inc. The business is one of the preferred manufacturers and suppliers of these products to the bedding and furniture industries not just in North America, but internationally.

With more than 4 decades of expertise, innovation and quality, the company maintains its manufacturing and distribution facilities in China, Canada, Poland and in the United States. Through these strategic locations of their distribution centers, they are able to quickly respond to the needs of the industry in the international markets. Their operations are divided into 2 major divisions, namely Upholstery Fabrics and Mattress Fabrics. Their products include fabrics for covering box springs, foundations and mattresses. They also have various fabrics that are intended for production in commercial and residential upholstered furniture.

It was in 1972 that Robert G. Culp, Jr. started the venture. From a regional supplier, the business has evolved to becoming a global partner to a wide range of customers. Currently, the business maintains its corporate headquarters in High Point, North Carolina.

Cyan Worlds: A Video Game Developer

One of the well-loved video game developers in America is Cyan, Inc. Also referred to as Cyan Worlds, the company is the brain behind the video game the Myst series. This American video game developer was founded by brothers Robyn and Rand Miller in 1987.

There are two companies comprising Cyan Worlds: Cyan Worlds, Inc. and Cyan, Inc. The former was created after brother Robyn Miller left the original company. Both of these businesses are now located in Mead, Washington and are still operating and developing various video games that are sold internationally. The most popular of their creations is the Myst series, which sold million of copies around the world. This game was followed by Riven that was also received warmly by gamers and critics alike.

Cyan Worlds is also responsible in the creation of Uru, the massively multiplayer online adventure that was opened and cancelled several times. The worldwide limelight of the company came, when they released Myst, a “steampunk” 3D pre-rendered adventure game. Unlike the previous installation of the Myst series, this release was geared towards a more older audience. Considered as one of the earliest CD-ROM games, the Myst remained to be one of the best-selling PC games until The Sims was introduced to the market.

Since the creation of the company in 1987, they have released 22 games that were either self-published or through a collaboration with other publishers. In 2015, the company is set to release Obduction, a video game that is anchored in the spirit of Myst and Riven. The game is currently being funded by Kickstarter. Cyan Worlds have closely worked with publishers Broderbund, Red Orb Entertainment, GameTap, Fanista and Ubisoft. Broderbund and Ubisoft have released 8 developed games starting 1988.

Cyan Worlds continues to create video games that have also started to penetrate the mobile gaming industry. The company remains to be privately held and strongly depends on fundings from investment firms to release some of their developed products.

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