Cabot Corp: A Specialty Chemical and Performance Materials Manufacturer

With operations in more than 20 countries and with 36 manufacturing facilities around the world, Cabot Corporation is considered as one of the well performing specialty chemicals and performance materials manufacturers in the world.

The business is known for manufacturing high grade fumed silica, aerogels, inkjet colorants, cesium formate drilling fluids, rubber and specialty grade carbon blacks. With the volume of chemicals they manufacture every year, the company has invested  a lot in their efforts to reduce their impact on the environment. From over 80 incidences in 2008, they were able to trim down any instance of environmental non-conformance to 17 instances in 2012. They have also invested in the research and development to minimize their greenhouse gas emission.

In addition to the 36 manufacturing plants Cabot maintains, they also have 8 research and development hubs and 28 international offices. The business is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts and is headed by Patrick Prevost, the company’s CEO.

Citrix Systems, Inc.: A Global Partner in Desktop Virtualization

With more than 330,000 organizations serviced around the world, Citrix Systems, Inc. is one of the most successful American multinational software companies there are. The business is headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has offices and development centers across the globe. As a software business, Citrix offers software-as-a-service (SaaS), cloud computing technologies, networking, server, application and desktop virtualization.

The company is also known for leading the Xen open-source hypervisor project after the business acquired XenSource, Inc. in October 2007. With the products and services offered by the business, companies can easily access the same source of information, anytime, anywhere. Not only is Citrix offering mobility to businesses, they also offer secure channel applications that allow businesses to provide access to users with utmost security.

With $3 million funding, Ed Iacobucci founded the business in 1989. Iacobucci was one of the founders of IBM and he created Citrix in Richardson, Texas and later on moved it to Coral Springs, Florida before settling in Fort Lauderdale. Before the company became Citrix, the business was initially named Citrus but was compelled to make a name change after trademark rights to another business. The word Citrix is a portmanteau of the words Citrus and UNIX. Their first product was the Citrix MULTIUSER which was based on OS/2. This offering, however, didn’t flourish in the market after Microsoft declared that they are going to halt their support of this system.

Citrix is known as a good alliance of Microsoft. The majority of the systems created by Citrix is made compatible with the programs of Microsoft. This partnership has been running for more than 20 years now since 1989. Both companies have forged a strong relationship over desktop virtualization. Since 1997, the company has acquired more than 20 businesses, the most recent of which was the Scalextreme which they purchased in May 2014 for an undisclosed amount.

Zumiez: A Specialty Clothing Retailer

Lynnwood, Washington-based Zumiez is a publicly traded specialty clothing retailer that got established in 1978. It was Tom Campion and Gary Haakenson, who created the business and is now traded on the NASDAQ.

As a specialty clothing retailer, they are known for their action-sports related apparel. They offer clothing for skateboarding, snowboarding and motocross. Their first store was opened in Northgate Mall in Seattle and was named “Above the Belt”, back then their main office was located in Everett, Washington. It was in the 1980s that the business has expanded dramatically. Currently, there are more than 500 stores that the business operates both in Canada and in the United States. The company is also well loved for their annual Couch Tour where they make 12 “full stop” travels, bringing with them live bands, professional skateboarding demos and some competitions.

The recent expansion of the business is also attributed to its acquisition of two competing brands: Fast Forward (2006) and Blue Tomato (2012).

Autodesk, Inc.: Designing the Next Best Thing

Designing anything is made easier because of technology. Various software is now available that would help those who are in the engineering, architecture, manufacturing, construction, entertainment and media industry, create the best virtual model.

One of the businesses that have been advocated by millions for its user-friendly interface is Autodesk. Founder John Walker, created the business in 1982 while co-authoring the first few versions of AutoCAD, the flagship software of the business. This computer-aided design (CAD) software has always been the preferred software for anyone who is to start designing things virtually. Millions of people have benefitted from the wonders that AutoCAD brings them. Most likely, one or two of the things you are holding right now are created through AutoCAD.

From buildings to cars, furniture to consumer gadgets, AutoCAD is able to create the best designs that would aid in creating the prototype of the item. The New York Freedom Tower, for instance, was drafted using this software. So are the Telstra electric cars. While AutoCAD became the best known software created by Autodesk, the company continues to create a broad range of software that would aid in engineering, designing and the entertainment industry. Other creation of the business includes Pixlr, Homestyler and Sketchbook.

Most of the products created by the business are licensed and thus come with a price. As part of their commitment to help the community it thrives in, they have offered educational versions of their software that are made for free to qualified students. These software are accessible through their Autodesk Education Community.

Headquartered in San Rafael, California, Autodesk has a worldwide presence and generates more than $2.27 billion in annualized revenue. They have offices around the world and employ more than 7,500 associates. The business is publicly held and is traded on the NASDAQ.

Wausau Paper: More than 115 Years of Paper Production

One of the oldest paper and pulp companies in America is Wausau Paper. The business has been around since 1899 and produces a line of tissue and towel products that they market together with their soap and dispensing systems.

Employing more than 900 workers, the business has operations in the state of Kentucky, Ohio and in Wisconsin. They have two manufacturing facilities and one support service site. Their operations focus on the towel and tissue segment of the paper industry. Prior to this strategic shift of interest, the company was in the production of various paper materials that at one point they became a leading producer of specialty paper in the 1980s. In addition, the business also enjoyed a leading position in the market of uncoated freesheet and premium paper in 2009.

The company has merged with Mosinee Paper Corporation and was renamed to Wausau-Mosinee Paper Corporation in 2003. The name was changed again to reflect the integration of the two businesses.

Waterstones: Offering Readers the Widest Selection

Ernest Hemingway once said, “There is no friend as loyal as a book.” Imagine the number of friends one can find on the shelves of Waterstones! Formerly known as Waterstone’s, the business is a British book retailer that has 275 stores in operation.

The business serves the countries of the Netherlands, Ireland, Belgium and the United Kingdom and was established in 1982 in the Old Brompton Road in London. It is Tim Waterstone, who started the business and he later sold his venture to W H Smith. Later on, the company was reacquired through the joint venture of Waterstone, EMI & Advent International. The business was eventually sold to Alexander Mamut, a Russian billionaire. In addition to the Waterstones brand, the company also owns the Hodges Figgis in Ireland and the Hatchards in London.

A bookstore is always accompanied with café shops that would make reading more delightful. The company has partnered with Starbucks, Paperchase and Costa Coffee as concessionaires and has eventually launched their very own Café W brand. From the works of contemporary writers to new age authors, every shop surely carries a copy or two of your favorite book. It is estimated that an average sized store carries approximately 30,000 individual books.

As a well-loved bookshop, Waterstones also looks after its impact to the environment and has worked with the British Safety Council to minimize its effect to its surroundings other than its carbon footprint. In its efforts to safeguard the environment, they have earned three stars from the British Safety Council.

Waterstones is also known as a good supporter of various literary awards and maintains a few of their own, including the Waterstones 11, The Guardian First Book Award, Waterstones Children’s Laureate and the Pushkin Houe Russian Book Prize. Several industries and consumer awards were also given to the business.

UNS Energy: Arizona’s Utility Company

One of the trusted companies in the utility sector in Southern Arizona is UNS Energy. The business was started in 1998 and is the parent company of Tucson Electric Power and UniSource Energy Services.

The business was initially known as UniSource Energy and made its name changed to UNS Energy in 2012. Through its subsidiaries, the business supplies both electricity and natural gas to the region. There are more than 400,000 customers who are using the electricity distributed by Tucson Electric Power (TEP), the company’s principal subsidiary. Roughly 230,000 customers are using the natural gas and electric services provided by UniSource Energy Services (UES). The business is a multi-million venture that produces clean energy and natural gas.

In 2013, it was announced that UNS Energy will be acquired by a much larger company. The acquisition was completed and all assets of the business are now under the management of Fortis, Inc., an international diversified electric utility holding company.

Vaalco Energy: An Oil Production Company

One of the publicly traded businesses that are listed in two exchanges is Vaalco Energy. This small oil production venture is listed in both the New York Stock Exchange and the American Stock Exchange. The company has a 30% interest on the Etame Marin Block offshore Gabon, West Africa.

Despite the size of the business, they are generating a revenue of more than $85 million annually. They also have more than 100 people employed and are in operation in two continents. Created in 1985, the business was initially engaged in production of crude oil and natural gas in Asia. The company eventually shifted its interest and is now in the management of production facilities and exploration activities in Gabon, West Africa. They have also ventured as far as Angola and the Equatorial Guinea in search for oil. In addition, they have activities in the British North Sea as non-operator.

Half of the population of the employees of Vaalco Energy is stationed in Gabon and are overseeing the exploration and production activities in the area. Only ten of their employee populations are left in Angola for administrative tasks and their headquarters in Houston, Texas houses about 40 workers that are experts in reservoir engineering, facilities engineering, production engineering, electrical engineering, drilling, geophysics and geology. The revenue of the business is primarily generated from their interest in the 750,000 acres of oil production facilities in Gabon.

During their 2013 fiscal year, the business took pride in announcing their incident-free environmental performance. They were also able to achieve exemplary safety results of their workers in all their facilities. While most of the oil companies around the world, contribute to the earth’s pollution, the business claims that their impact to the environment remains to be very minimal. They strongly underscored their adherence to international laws, federal, state and local regulations.

Titan Machinery: Dealer of Agricultural and Construction Equipment

It was in 1980 that Titan Machinery started its operations. Since then, the company has become a trusted name in the industry of agricultural and construction equipment. It is in Fargo, North Dakota that the business keeps their main office.

Using the symbol TITN, the company’s common stocks are publicly traded on the NASDAQ. As of, the company is considered as one of the largest American dealers of construction and agricultural equipment. The business is capable of generating more than $1.094 billion in annualized revenue. They have more than 120 dealerships in North America and in Europe. Of these stores, 106 are located in the states of Arizona, Colorado, Iowa, Minnesota, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisonsin and in Wyoming.

The company markets the products of CNH Capital, Kobelco, Case CE, New Holland Construction and Case IH. There are more than 1800 employees that the company hired.

TiVo: Providing You Subscriptions to TV Video Recorders

Digital video recorders are the main products offered by TiVo, an American corporation that markets its subscription services on these video recorders. Two veterans of Silicon Graphics and Time Warner’s Full Service Network digital video system, Jim Barton and Mike Ramsay created the business as Teleworld, Inc. in 1997.

TiVo is now based in San Jose, California. The founders initially intended to create a home network device and later on stumbled into the idea of creating a means of recording digitized video on a hard disk. This idea was the concept behind the success of TiVo that now generates an annualized revenue of more than $406 million. They no longer just operate within the United States as they have expanded their coverage to countries like Australia, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Taiwan, the United Kingdom and several other countries across Western Europe.

The first TiVo digital video recorder was shipped on March 31, 1999. This item was released after they have exhibited their product at the Consumer Electronics Show in January of that year. Prior to that, they have already made a public trial of the product in the San Franciso Bay area in late 1998. The first DirecTV receiver was released by Philips Electronics and it has integrated the TiVo DVR on the item. The product was named DirecTiVo and was capable of storing digital signals to a hard disk.

With the products and subscription services offered by TiVo, you will no longer wait for a rerun of your favorite TV program. You can simply ask someone to record the show for you, so you can review it at a later time. Despite the presence of several websites that feature various recorded shows, the company remains profitable and subscriptions remain high.

TiVo is a publicly traded company with common stocks available on the NASDAQ.

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